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  1. My Nickname: Electronic Game Server: Medea Which rule clause was violated: 4.1 / 4.2 Nickname of offender: SilverMan "Use a certain type of language to denigrate the other person, use an illnes or discomfort to insult a person, denigrate other nationalities or other languages by expressing form of racism." Imho those things are pretty bad that still exist.... Maybe my screens are not good, or maybe you should say its not enought for be banned, i think it's really bad that a human being still in 2021 manifests forms of racism and hatred towards other peoples like this.
  2. Electronic / Medea / U5 R2
  3. Electronic / Medea A8-B8-C8-D8-E8-F8-G8-H8-I8-J8
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