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  1. Apollyon / Medea C3 - C4
  2. Apollyon/ Medea 2-8 2-19 2-22
  3. Anything on this? I used a Hyon sword +9+16 and it didnt give me a number of stones i'd get. it was 0. I did the combination anyway and i only got 2....hyon sword +9+16 should automatically be 5-6. Then i used an agnis helm +9+16 again and combination was only 1-2....this is frustrating because we are spending tons of jewels on these.....
  4. I agree. VIP arena is non pvp zone, that means you cant even defend your spot by someone ksing you. it beats the purpose of being non pvp. I simple rule not KS not being allowed if there is a 4-5 players party i think its a must.
  5. T>3rd Summoner wings=3rd DL/SM/BK B>3rd DL Cape= Bons/3rd summoner wings B>Royal Items +3 Socket +L B>Ambition Shield +3 Socket
  6. Apollyon/ Medea I4 I5 I6 I7 I8 I9 C9 D9 E9 F9
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