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  1. i had the problem once but i was using main.exe then i used launcher, it updated something and it worked after see if it helps you
  2. same problem here, while questing at werevolves in elbeland i got kicked out of game and couldnt login since, and since the teleport service requires all fields to be filled (whatever that means) i`m stuck there
  3. so where exactly does ice BREAK drops now? ice break(the frost line skill) not ice blast (the one in ruud shop that does a ice circle animation) also i`ve been hunting in atlans/lost tower for death ice and got none after spending hours and hours there. are you sure it`s the correct location? L.E: found ice break in karutan and dark plasma is confirmed to drop in icarus but i can`t find death ice
  4. btw i`m pretty sure that creature in the "frere" set is a slayer and the set is nightwing?
  5. does this apply to the RF stamina buff too? cause it`s about 6x worse than before, even for itself
  6. same goes for the stones made from exc items, 4 times failed, 1 time it gave me 1 stone from a high grade item, i think it vas valiant
  7. search the forum there`s already a topic about this, download that file arthurs uploaded, it worked for me, i had the same problem
  8. i can move and arrange them now but it still says unable to use and i cannot move them from event inventory or drop them, what can i do to open them?
  9. i have the same problem, i have around 6 or 7 element boxes in the event inventory wich i cannot open (it says unable to use), i cannot move them or arrange them properly, cannot drop or deposit them
  10. after reaching lvl 400 on mastery i went and did the 4th class quest on my rage fighter, got the class upgrade and went back to lorencia then i went to the services and reseted my points since i wanted to go full energy, however i noticed that my previous lvl 400 mastery turned into lvl 397 for some reason and the xp gain for it is probably calculated as it would be 400+ what exactly happened?
  11. you can only use curse skills after you activate darkness
  12. i agree it`s part of the game and the game is filled with paranoid people as for the copy server you don`t need to do that, just make one of the servers non pvp, there`s PLENTY of space for all the pvp lovers on one server also, have you noticed how many people rejoined the server after it went down today? there are already people staying afk for days
  13. exciting for who? stay on non pvp maps you say....well if only i could do all the quests on the non pvp maps then if one server would be non pvp i`m willing to bet that it would be more populated than the pvp one
  14. i started playing this server about a week or so ago and have been online ever since during this time i managed to find out that the server employs the "jungle rule" that whomever is stronger can pk, ks and such everyone else, even if it`s a full party of 5 and get away with it there are no rules (that i know of) regarding this. Let me tell you that i`ve played quite a few mu servers in my 38 years and i`ve noticed that NONE of them had new players coming in once they found out they are treated like bugs. here are some things that in time will ruin this server : people in BC that don`t party, go for the statue, take the weapon and don`t turn it in, so nobody gets any reward whatsoever, people that just pk for fun (i was in karutan last night and got killed 14 times, in a full party, NONE of the times the pk`er stayed on the spot, it was just "for fun"). The exact same things happen if i want to do the quests from the npc, even on a 2 monsters spot there has to be someone passing by that decides his day will get better if he kills someone, people that pk you in dungeon even if you just go there to do the dark knight part of the quest, it`s not like that useless box is any good for them anyway (same goes for ANY invasion). Most of the servers have a no pk at invasion rule, if you`re "better" just ks the golden/rabbit/etc, you might say that that`s the character of some people, they are kids, etc etc but that`s not entirely true, simply because there are no rules to restrict some of their behaviour they did it countless times and now they don`t even see themselves doing something wrong. it might sound like a rant but this is only my 2 cents. Prove me i`m wrong?
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