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  1. This is visual bug. In fact, those items are excellent, yet client shows otherwise. Download latest patch
  2. abrkadabr

    game all hack

    Give him Toca to stop this non-sense:)
  3. I have reported this to Artur several days ago. Pattern is not known and now they study it as to what i expect as it happens on spot, monster could do last shot and that is why I did not get punishment couple of times (honestly very doubtful about it) most likely, for some reason server is still counting my attack as self defence by a mistake yet not known. Sincerely, Light1
  4. I am glad, that elfs now can have much fun for a few days. but if compared to stats of this DK, I have 32 k agi and 11000+ def (set full DD+ hamrony DD + rings + 3 wings). 30 k hp. no matter what - one shot from one skill by badly equipped elf The problem is not in DK PS: Elfs, rock hard now! yahoo )
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