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  1. Trading 3 wings for 1 SM W4 As follows GL w4 +13+L + 3 opt w4 GC +15+L+1 opt w3 gun +9+L+HP+DMG = SM W4 +L + opts
  2. Buying Hirat set pvp + or hirat pieces +DD/Hp/REF. Doesn’t need dd because I can add in web. buy lancer lance , justicar +FO willing to trade SM brilliant set +13
  3. wizzacc

    B/S > items

    B> lancer item = Hirat boots +L+DD/HP/REF, b> justicar lance FO B> FO ring x2 b> MUX lottery box S> brilliant set for SM +13 S> w3 gun +13+DMG
  4. Hi arturs , just wondering why you continue to neglect your support system ? You don’t reply to my tickets and it’s been weeks . I pay to play this game like everyone else yet you don’t reply to me, are you trying to keep your players or push them to another server ? Because this sort of stuff is not how to treat players. @Arturs
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