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  1. Thats explain alote why my alts dies with out any pk warring at night... I dont think so that it "can happens" in some days in a row, for sure abusing af
  2. With that AS DL is still pretty good at PVP, what is most important right now. DL basic AS is pretty big in compare to another classes like bk for exempel.
  3. what about upgdare then? Do its gonna be anyways to upgrade them to get evo MUUN? Or its propobly impossible to get full collection.
  4. RUUD(silverheart) > Socket > excellent, unreal cus then we need wipe. Everyone is running in exe aleredy. Or u mean that exe shuld be the weekest? If yes then it propobly gonna work, but its huld be like that. Exe week> ruud >Socket. Socket last cus its propobly realy expensive and drop isnt soo cool) About trade, yes! make ruud tradeble, using on web and shops!
  5. Artur did u just forgot about us or?!
  6. Admin HELOOOO?!!?!?!? There is a bot who is playing and farming 24/7........
  7. what is 606 bon for 30 players????????? U forget that opi is not alone... First is was funny, now its most sad to look what u are saying
  8. Alote of spots? u joking? they give with full pp 8m.... Same as in kuber... And that is MAX... U can easy get more on darkness or at canyon... U guys are so ****. Zen spot suck and only noobs allow to farm them. Stop cry and try to get it next time
  9. Slayer just pk full 2 party solo) Slayer have good def, just use brains
  10. Do it gonna be rating for that? WE NEED NUMBERS Like top RR
  11. Very low? Did u saw exe items there? And ye, i aggre alote! Everyone take bc and go afk cus its 0 sence to sat there! And delete zen drop pls. Fps drops to 0
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