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  1. Hope will be fixed in s16
  2. Like from Prime good job camera man Lucy
  3. Buy MG 3rd Wings pay in bons pure MM here Serwer Medea
  4. T> 3rd DL Cape = 3rd BK wings T> 3rd ELf = 3rd MG wings <MM
  5. B> Gaion Pendant Serwer Medea MSG here
  6. Like in topic T> 3rd MG wings+9+ref = 3rd SM or BK Wings MM here
  7. 1. My nickname: SztywnyGIT2. Game server: Medea x1003. Which rule clause was violated:4.14. Nickname of offender: EmCayZen 5. Screenshot:
  8. tylkosum


    Bk is Strong but its pain in a.. to lvl him till max
  9. tylkosum

    New year avatars

    Prototype / x100 Medea
  10. You can use it in home or outside? Only yes and no questions.
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