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  1. 2-9 3-24 4-10 RoYaN/ Medea
  2. nomercynhe


    Im seem videos and see connection him normal. U try seem videos Ozuni symple move too videos Duong post
  3. nomercynhe


    Me too pro, we will w8 admin answer about this case
  4. nomercynhe


    Sv no bug, class is hack
  5. A3 A4 A5 A6 B1 C1 D1 E1 I7 I9 RoYaN/Medea
  6. Now we will dont tell him(beasty) kill one hit player. But Sv have GM playing in game and kill player # for boss and vv its not good, not fairplay with all member.
  7. Him is friends and MOD, admin will tell i dont care and i dont see, we have cry AD will dont listen too kkkk
  8. I thinks him(Beasty) use Key make point of Mod. We more 10 player max rr max Q cant kill astrol in 5 min but him can kill in 1 min. If dont hack only use key add Point AD. And Arthur dont seem its is problem maybe Beasty brother him or friends
  9. Monster D4,F5 A2 B2 c4 d4 e1 f4 D5 A6 E3 F3 RoYaN/ Medea
  10. 2 9 3 15 4 20 RoYaN/ medea
  11. RoYaN/ Medea A2 A3 A5 b6 b7 b8 b9 j4 j5 j6
  12. I accpect maruko, im find in rakion long time but not see Thierf monster. I cant make Q its fixx plss
  13. nomercynhe/ RoYaN/ Medea 16:00
  14. nomercynhe


    Him cant open grift box
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