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  1. It was the admin team's editing that killed a good server and now looking at the 2/3 majority have left this is probably what the admin team wanted sadly
  2. from balancing the races to the age of warriors, Now who can fight BK when that race is too beefy and the damage is too high
  3. after the update, BK is too cool, too strong and the damage is too great, I don't see the balance of races
  4. yesterday 30/3/2023 my Character : Excuseme sv: Prime Why is the admin team abnormally logging in and interfering with my personal account Furthermore, why did you arbitrarily remove the feature of our guild? I need an explanation I cannot accept the form of the admin team interfering with individual accounts without notice or permission.
  5. their constant insults and insults to us SilentWolf and Amoeboshi
  6. then he continued spamming me @Ivan Nebraska @Arturs
  7. Tên tôi char: Elegant Sever : Prime Điều khoản quy tắc nào đã bị vi phạm : 4.3 hoặc 4.2 Biệt danh của người vi phạm: SilentWolf + Amoeboshi
  8. why does your guild kill their new member? what a hypocritical guild
  9. why did athony join sv for 2 days and still get killed by demons and his veteran members stop acting ridiculous @Ivan Nebraska @Arturs does only listen from one side this is really funny
  10. Your comedy acts are ridiculous, stalking them into the rules is a cowardly puppet.
  11. don't make jokes arturs young people should probably create a separate sv for them as an admin so that they can easily like it, edit it, like it, baned
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