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  1. muxganja4

    New server

    @Arturs close this topic
  2. muxganja4

    New server

    im not sayng that it`s compleatly dead but online is dropping down evry day, i understand that you are only one who is doing all work on thi server. I care only about about hacks and black market. For example SKYB..... same as on Prime and same on Medea he was captured by taking action on black market, and people was sending you screenshots but nothing happened, no one got banned.
  3. muxganja4

    New server

    @Arturs When you planning to open new server? On my opinion Medea started to diyng long time ago because of cheaters and black market deals. Some players was using hacks and scripts, if you have anticheat it doesnt mean that it is imposible to play with cheats on this server and acc selling on black market is killing server. Group of payers bought 70% of top acc of server and now it is half dead. Question if you open new server will you controll black market and cheaters?
  4. Medea x100 T>SM Socket shield +L + 3 socket = DL Socket Shield +L +3 Socket
  5. muxganja4

    Royal items

    B>Royal items +L 3 sicket mail me in game or disord, SympLe
  6. SympLe / Medea 3 - 10 7 - 23 15 - 20
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