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  1. Rampage69 / Prime 3A 3B 3C 5B 6B 7B 7F 7G 10i 9i
  2. Rampage / Prime B2 - C3
  3. Looking for a wings lvl 4 for Magic Gladiator Please send me an offer. In game character - Rampage69
  4. rampage

    Evomon Evolves

    yes, on Legends Arena
  5. rampage


    Hey, Arturs! When I combine 3 complex potion I see the price 515,000 (500,000)Zen But it costs 5,000,000 for real ! I spent much money to have 1 bottle with luck 30%. Please be honest and fix it or change the luck %. Thanks in advance
  6. rampage


  7. rampage


    Между переходами карт кликер надо останавливать.
  8. 1. You can trade your items to another character and back. 2. Drop all cards, open the Box fast and pick your cards back. Choose one of the best for you.
  9. How long do we wait? Horrible situation...
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