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  1. Thank you all for participating ! Please see the below revealed map, and congratulations to all winners ! Winners : Happy Won 55 Bons !! Aegon Won 65 Bons !! Sargaras Won 55 Bons !! See you all on the next event !
  2. Welcome Everyone ! This week we are having a forum quest which starts now and ends on June, 5, 18:00 SVT The objective of this quest is simple, you have to reach the end of the grid without running into any monsters. Everyone is invited to participate, read the below rules and good luck to everyone ! Rules: 1. You have to start on A1 and end on F6 without running into any monsters. (Reward = 25 Bonus) 2. You can only move UP - DOWN - RIGHT - LEFT 3. If you run into any jewels you get more bonuses ! (Bless = Extra 20 Bonus) (Soul = Extra 10 Bonus) 4. If you run into any monsters, Game Over, and you get nothing ! 5. You participate by typing your IGN (Nickname), and your movements (A1,A2,B2,C2, etc..) [See Example Below] 6. You can only participate once ! Using Multiple accounts will disqualify you from rewards and future quests. (Note: There are always 5 Monsters and 5 Jewels) (Example Answer) Ramza - A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6, F6 (Result) Ramza has won 55 Bonus ! Please do not use the replies for anything except quest participation & good luck again to everyone !
  3. It was a question about how this worked because 606 bonus made no sense to be 1% of web market sales in one day. So, seems it was 1% of all sales made since server opened since it was the first castle. That's why I asked, so whether its funny or sad to you makes no difference.
  4. Good suggestions and I agree with all of them.
  5. 606 bonus ? In 1 day ? How does this work exactly ? :S
  6. Ramza

    [5.05.2020] - Update #2

    I have to agree, slayers cant pvp at all due to low defense, so having high dps was all they had if that is nerfed they have to be compensated elsewhere.
  7. Can 3 BA weapons be smelted ?
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