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  1. i think its bugged? i killed metal balrog on same location in ch1 it respawn in the exact location where i killed it so i stayed there. its like it respawn where the last time its killed regardless who killed it.
  2. Latifa/medea 02 - 24 04 - 11 03 - 09 01 - 21 07 - 14 06 - 22 16 - 36 20 - 18 23 - 27 12 - 34
  3. peperdu

    Pandora Mining

    hi i cant remove my pick axe. idk how to delete this comment. but i already sold it in npc
  4. Help after running the launcher this thing shows up. Im in game with my other alts when this thing shows up. I log out every alt in game i thought theres a update but this thing still keeps popping up. Note: - Already Excluded on my firewall/antivirus. -Tried Reinstalling -Haven't tried redownloading since no reply yet from admin.
  5. yeah i noticed some classes out class others.. it needed to be fixed asap many before others.
  6. if u have pc try playing there or another laptop just so incase maybe its in your keyboard problem?
  7. Hi just wanna ask how does craft system works? For example if i put 3x Red spirit gauntlet + luck will i be able to create exl red spirit out of it? or i can put any gauntlet to smelt and craft any gauntlets that i want? or it needs to be same item to create 1? Thanks for answering.
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