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  1. BlackEagle / Medea A1 - A2 - A3 - A4 - A5 - B5 - B4 - C4 - C3 - D3 - D4 - D5 - E5 - E6 - F6 Monster: B3 - F2
  2. BlackEagle / Medea A1 - A2 - A3 - A4 - A5 - B5 - B4 - C4 - C3 - D3 - D4 - D5 - E5 - E6 - F6 Monster: B3 - F2
  3. Hİ Admin, i 2425 have dark mammoths quest but i only get 4 in an hour. Are you going to rearrange this quest?
  4. sani5


    There's something wrong with the maps.
  5. sani5


    there are some problems first some areas didnt appear on the Elbland map, then the acheron. i deleted and reinstalled the game because there was a distortion in the map, but it got worse. what am i supposed to do now?
  6. sani5


    Hi admin, there's a problem and i usually encounter this error. I dont get the post-Blood Castle award, and then it disappears. Why is this problem happening and can it be solved?
  7. BlackEagle / Medea / R4 O6
  8. sani5

    Characters Stats

    Hi fellas, my DL character fruit create value drops to negative. Does anyone know why and is that important? str: 15.5k agi: 9k vit: 5k ene: 15.6k fruit create: -25421/115
  9. sani5

    Survive the maze

    Hi, again me according to your drawing, I checked the answers again and saw that there was a cross answer. For example: "A3 - B2 - C6 - C4 - C5 - D3 - D6 - E1 - F2 - F5". I guess this to diagonally.
  10. sani5

    Survive the maze

    ah, okey. I didn't think we had to take it one step at a time. Thank you so much for answer.
  11. sani5

    Survive the maze

    what is problem?
  12. BlackEagle / Medea A2-A3-B2-F3-E3-H4-H5-H6-J9-J10
  13. sani5

    Survive the maze

    Hi admin, the winners of last week's game have been announced, but there's been an error. I guessed according to the rule you explained, and i'm supposed to get 60 bon, but my name isn't on the winners list. I walked around with a treasure chest and no monsters. Please check again.
  14. sani5


    yeah, that's what i'm talking about. So, why is this happening?
  15. sani5


    There's freezing at that point in game.
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