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  1. I saw blue ribbon couple of tims. Cant remember If was the box of luck or the blue chocolate box that drop it. Blue ribbon cant be dropped, only with right click like a ruud box and the times I got it gave me low kundums boxes
  2. I think not poke, if you have the webzen rights no
  3. Maze of dimensions not working
  4. K C O

    urgent admin

    Learn to play more quietly, it is a pvp game, if they kill you kill them, there is no reason to disrespect all the time
  5. That there is a rivalry does not mean that we do not respect them, we are only provoking them a little so that the next CS they return to give more fight
  6. K C O


    So guys I let you here 1 pic of eternity after 1st CS
  7. Wich is the real time of undine? on dungeon farm zone post said that each 4hs, here each 6hs.
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