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  1. 1) Server: Media2) Nick: StingChanh3) Quest number: 2504) After sever maintenance, i finish quest 250 kill boss core form Nars map and comeback to give quest masters, but the quest notify i have no more quest, please check this, tks you
  2. the season 16 are coming, the season 16 are coming
  3. same happen with Banh, but adm do not care
  4. @Beasty i just want to ask for HRP bro
  5. like a title, i want to ask after change class, i still got HRP before i change class or just reset from 0? thanks you.
  6. @Arturs pls open more quest bro. 10 people done 260 quest already
  7. @Beasty tks you bro
  8. i have a question, pentagram element still work in pvp or just work in pve? i need to know for building my character, just build set item first or build pentagram first, tks you @Arturs
  9. @Beasty oke, tks for your answer,i think i need some mount now lol.
  10. Hello i have problem when pvp in this sever, i can't click right mouse cursor to body enemy for pk, just move mouse cursor to the head of character ( like DL character ) and it's work, so hard for it when you are not range character in pvp, just not see head of enemy for click and dead already, can you fix this? @Arturs (sorry for my bad english)
  11. I think RF still so OP of this patch, high dame pve and pvp, only RF can 1 hit every other character and boss, just can't ks with RF with high tier gear, what wrong with this character? Range attack, big dame dealer pve, pvp...etc, cmon...
  12. Hello, i don't know this is bug or normal but i got 404 point Master skill tree but i just can add 399 point for MT 3, i ask some friends play another class and they said still add 400 points normal, pls answer me, tks u.
  13. @Arturs bro, still can't check slot from pentagram in market web, same as element wind, fire...
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