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  1. For every 100k. I dont make more 190k point in one time.
  2. To recive point reward you just click to button on char web section. No need to w8 week.
  3. Cruel / Magic1 - T2 - T3 - D4 - T5 - D6 - D7 - TExtra - D
  4. 1. dune players who have 20 res recive 99 res. 2. You can make all +15 too in dune. Its all about wish. But no one want it.
  5. All dune serv now not so good. But mb be some changes after first cs on magic. I dont understand why admin still keep this serv for free farmers only.
  6. not strange - its top pvp map. I think need to make more stronger.
  7. Cruel / Magic A1-D2-F2-C3-B4-F4-E5-B6-D6-G7
  8. Update client and joy.
  9. Nope. They give more dmg. 20% 10% cape vs 12% 12% 1-st wings +0
  10. Its 2-d wings for rf. Cape lvl 1 have only kundun. All other chars cape lvl2.
  11. Download your own free server and play free
  12. how admin need to pay for server? better free project with millions cheaters?
  13. he can - if you pay for it. you know price IGCN s17 server? just google it. and plus you need more $ thing too.
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