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  1. if you use 3 chars to farm you can make every 1 day all ingridients to 1 fen
  2. where you get slayer and ik solo boss killers? they have +- same dmg per sec like other classes.
  3. I know who you are "in the game" and what happened before "in the game". what did you forget on the gaming forum about the game if you perceive everything as in real life?
  4. about non donate - dont lie man - you say same in sega. "my friend donate to me i dont spend money here". ye ye. how to answer without personality? i know who you are and know what be before. about satan - he dont live 1 normal pvp battle. he was good only in pve. about VIP - not all have good PC to stream.
  5. About satan - when you take demon you make topic to nerf satan life (before all be ok). Even 3% make big changes in pvp. 5% normal number - 10% too big. Admin just think about all players not only who donate. Now free player with same gear have chance to kill vip player.
  6. rly what? you write only in your case - like nerf satan life. you dont want to think about all.
  7. Need to decr sm dmg to 50% - how you say "it wont get better". After i want to hear your cry 🙂
  8. I dont a robot to know everything and dont pretend to that. But if make some mistake need to write here about that every day.
  9. for weap need +11 yes, for set items da>>ha +9 ha>>soul +10 and all other +11
  10. on Bless projects only 6 classes. not so hard make balanse. also on bless not so super balanse and has been changed 1mil times (just remember dl+elf buffs). i want your name on bless - i think you never be on tops to say anything about balance.
  11. Want to fight 1 vs 2-3 ^^ nice joke bro. Now i see what problem you have ^^
  12. Регламент сервера пункт 6. Лучше не болтать лишнего.
  13. Почитай правило 1.1 на досуге. В след раз указывать не буду.
  14. I want to see where i say that. Bc its not true. I dont say that.
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