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  1. The options will stay, 100%. The only things reset is the item level and (I think) the JOL option.
  2. molten

    DK bug

    It seems like set bonus, which is the root cause of these issues, will be temporarily disabled until it can be fixed.
  3. Zaikuren: 11-13 5-21 3-29 8-24 22-26 16-20 7-17 18-25 23-36 14-19
  4. Zaikuren a1 - b1 - c1 - d1 - d2 - e2 - f2 - f3 - f4 - e4 - e5 - f5 - f6
  5. GTOP100.com's voting link is broken. It literally takes me to gtop100.com, rather than the link to where I can vote for this server. In addition, when I search for our server it doesn't come up on the rankings.
  6. molten

    Mastery Sets

    It seems like you have concerns about the mastery set being overpowered on the offensive end. If this is true, then removing yellow option won't do anything except remove their defense. However, making that decision won't affect their damage in any form. Do you have an alternate solution?
  7. molten

    Mastery Sets

    Set bonus is actually a good thing. It closes the gap between excellent, socket, and set items. You should take a look at the formula, it's not bad. But, the admin did say the formula could be changed if it's too overpowered. Also, if it's only the mastery sets where the classes you mentioned are skyrocketing their damage, then what needs to be changed is the mastery set, not the character. If you alter the character, then anyone not using a mastery set becomes much weaker. What do you think about lowering the ancient options on mastery sets?
  8. If you have a ss, please provide it for reference. I saw that sphinx gloves don't display their attack speed but can you confirm if it's not applied as well?
  9. molten

    ingame quest

    You will be rewarded when the admin gives out the bonuses. It takes a few days sometimes.
  10. @Arturs Vesna I'm not stating that the features should be abolished, but revamped. In the end, players get strong for PVP. However, you are allowing an option where users can literally pay for extra damage and defense. People want to balance PVP as much as possible, but this option furthers the divide. Also, it's not like this is the only advantage VIP users receive. There is plenty, and what I'm suggesting is that the buffs not apply to PVP. Simply because our server's PVP buff is not as bad as other servers does not mean it's a positive thing. If there is a fear that doing this will lower the desire for VIP, then surely you can replace it with another feature. Is this not reasonable? As for deciding to not remove the upgrade option on the website, can something be implemented to circulate those bonuses spent back into the market?
  11. molten

    Empty Spheres

    Yes, precisely. It's not right that it's made that way. Socket sets should be harder to complete than 380 sets. So you agree that we need a rework here, for both kinds of sets.
  12. 1. I'm not sure if this applies, but I see that the VIP service offers an additional 10% in both damage and defense. Benefits of a VIP account should not include anything PVP related. All this does is further imbalance the system. IF this feature is to stand, it would be wise to only offer that advantage in PVE only. 2. Can we lower the stun rate for ice walkers? They can stun lock so hard.
  13. I like this idea, but it feels unfair to those who haven't already upgraded their gear to +15. Alternate suggestion: anytime a player uses a web service that costs bonuses, the portion goes into a weekly lottery pool that costs X amount of bonuses to enter. Of course, there will be a check for multiple accounts entering so there's no fraud. One player could win, or even up to 3, with descending reward amounts. This guarantees that the bonuses are circulated back into the market. Thoughts?
  14. molten

    Empty Spheres

    I would have agreed with you but 380 PVP sets were released before socket sets, but they're supposed to be the hardest items to get in the game? Following your logic, it's outdated. 380 PVP sets are not even the best, including the pink option. When fully completed, socket sets are, by far, the best defensive sets you can get.
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