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  1. Y U GOTTA KEEP TYPING IN BIG ASS FONTS? yes it's a bug.
  2. DeadPixel / Prime / A2 - B4
  3. deadpixel

    ingame quest

    Bons will be on your account within a week.
  4. S> EXC DarkAngel Staff+11+Luck+DMG 45 Server: Prime IGN : DeadPixel
  5. DeadPixel / Prime 05 - 19 13 - 21 08 - 17
  6. I was partied with ZeuN when he entered. He has more then enough stats to clear event. I was not in the event with him so of course I can not 100% confirm whether boss bugged or not. But I trust his word. His exact words upon finishing were "wtf boss only give me 1k ruud." Yes there are things he could've done to give further proof, but that's not exactly do-able once you've already finished the event and left the map.
  7. If it's maxed there's nothing you can do about it. Otherwise add more JOL until it fails. Then it will be back at 0.
  8. I think their name is Gillery? No that's not right... Willery? Billery!
  9. Hello, please could you make it so assistant guild masters have the ability to add members to the guild? At the moment they don't have any of the usual assistant master features. It's just a title. Thanks
  10. In x5000 I prefer it with no limit. You can reach 400 very quickly anyway even in BC1. No need to drag out the event for an extra 13 minutes when you can go from 15-400 in 2 minutes. For x100 I think it would be good to have the 5 minute limit. The boosted xp you get from BC helps alot.
  11. "Removed "Final 5 minutes" restriction from Blood castle. Now you can return the quest item to Archangel at any time. But don't forget about players, who are leveling up! In Blood castle and Devias square drop of zen is disabled. This may increase your PC performance and no need to change settings in "Mu Helper" during the event."
  12. My nickname: DeadPixel Game server: Prime Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 & 4.3 Nickname of offender: RsaMon
  13. No need to be aggressive. It's not Horus' fault your English is bad. Next time try actually talking about the fact that 2% on pendants only effects physical damage first, instead of sticking that on the end as an edit. But yes, it does need changing. It's pretty unfair that only physical attackers get to take advantage of the pendant options.
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