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  1. Glad this has been cleared up. Been accused a few times of duping because of how fast I make and sell condor feathers
  2. DeadPixel / Antares B3 C1
  3. Hello, during todays imperial fortress run both my characters failed event because portal did not teleport us to next section of event. Only managed to get one screenshot in before being booted back to event square. Killed all mobs, destroyed all statues and gates, but when countdown reach 0 and portal open, it not let me teleport. Characters were DeadPixel and PixelELF
  4. Points 1/2/3 I can get behind; Auction would be cool, but yeah would need a better item than SoL to enter. Maybe just 5 bons per entry, bids can be in jewels? DS is already fine as it is, with the increased numbers of spawns during gold invasion anyway, adding more gold mobs to DS would make mid-tier items less valuable, and they're aleady cheap enough to begin with. For BC, maybe could either slightly increase jewel drop rate or do some techinical wizardry to enable ruud for bc 5/6? Due to the dynamic xp system its hard to reach lvl 400 even in bc 6, and if you start bc7 before lvl 400 no-one stays around long enough for you to reach 400. Kundun and Kalima i think can both be sorted together. With the addition of the Legends Arena, certain boss mobs had their health and defense increased across the server. A soldier in LegArena should be tougher to kill than the soldier you see in dungeon for example. The same goes for Kundun. Kalima 1 kundun used to be very easy to kill, but because of adding him to LegArena the K1 version is now as hard as the LegArena version to kill. Maybe Kundun could either be removed from LegArena totally and he have special drop only in Kalima. Or you keep both versions but decrease health and def.
  5. Bless Splinter Beast
  6. DeadPixel / Antares A1 B1 B2 C2 D2 D1 E1 F1 F2 F3 F4 E4 E5 E6 F6 Monsters: C4 D5
  7. Warp to dungeon, go to your immediate right
  8. Sorry, autism, bad day. Didn't exactly come out the way I hoped. All I'm asking is for you to back off a little. You kill anyone regardless of what they may have done to you. Okay sure people have alts, but when mine are named DeadPixel and PixelElf, you can't exactly sit there and say "oops didn't know that was you". You got beef with other players? Hash it out with them. Doing things the way you do causes others like myself to have beef with you.,
  9. So, this may seem stupid, but I think there needs to be some kind of punishment for psychotic behaviours on the server. Yes, it's a PvP server and if you don't like the possibility of being PK'd you should not play here. That being said, when certain players spend their entire day doing nothing but going back-and-forth through maps PK'ing everyone they see, then demanding payment for the psychotic behaviour to stop, I think that should warrant some kind of punishment. *cough* ZooMweBG *cough*
  10. Well dont stand so close to him when he dies then, simple.
  11. I looked up your char in hopes of finding username but that info is not available to the players, only the admin team. Tag Arturs, if you could provide them with the email-address associated with the account as proof it is yours, I'm sure they'd help you recover it.
  12. This may have made sense a few months ago, but not so much now that the Golden Tantalos spawn numbers have increased. 3-4 per spawn, plus Devil Square 7, plus rings/pens being able to be farmed from regular tantalos/beam knight in Tarkan 2. They were only given such a high cost by the community because they were slightly harder to get. Now they're easier.
  13. DeadPixel / Antares 4 - 8 7 - 16 13 - 22
  14. Maybe is bugged or maybe is take a while to register, I kill 4 golden goblin & 1 golden budge dragon, but say only 2 golden mob killed?
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