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  1. ruud will be priced correctly.. no one can farm 100k ruud a day, its hard to farm ruud . yes i know its more easy for players to get any item they want but come to think of it .. there is basically 1 spot for farming ruud .. and its in volcanus, i dont really think that it would harm you or the players its just that ruud can flow like zen trade. ruud is pretty useless for max players with max sets. this way they can still farm and trade. but if you dont agree with me then ok . youre the boss
  2. Its better if all classes can buy all kind of ruud items in ruud shop to make all the classes items in one seller . its a hassle hunting ruud if you cant sell them.. i hope this suggestion will be taken in consideration of this is a win win situation for us all .. its kind of hard if your character/hero can only buy its own stuffs, the point of this is to improve trading systems and hassle free trading or getting what you needed from the ruud shop . thanks happy gaming everyone .
  3. Ive been trying to transfer my zen to website but i cant, the site always says that you can do it after you exit the game for 30secs . But its been 15mins, still cant transfer zen .. please fix this ASAP
  4. no, what i mean is the JOLife option
  5. I wish we can remove JOL options to make the items clean . because it contributes too much bons when adding Luck options or EDC options .
  6. HorusMG

    Blood Castle

    yes u need to give them atleast 5 mins to make lvl ..
  7. TP dungeon then go right .. there ull see
  8. whos the assistant ? XD
  9. HorusMG

    Bugged slayer

    Slayer is str based
  10. put jewel of bless i think
  11. thanks for updating bro, much appreciated . we now have something to do XD
  12. experiment on it .. skill tree reset is not that expensive .. record all your damage in every skill you use . then youll get the answer.
  13. i mean the rate of getting talisman of chaos assemble should be high enough because zen is so hard to farm
  14. i suggest of the TOCA rate since zen is so scarce.. just a suggestion .
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