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  1. i totally agree on this one.. if takes time, we can consider waiting a tad longer.. I hope this can be considered ..
  2. @Arturs so i pay 200web bons +5toca .. how to do it? HorusMG#6485 please DM me i cant DM you.
  3. @Arturs is there any other way I get the armor back ?
  4. is there any other way I get the armor back ?
  5. thanks, this help alot
  6. just days ago.. but i reinstalled my client and now its good..
  7. Does anybody experience this? i just experienced this earlier today.. i dont know why this is happening but im pretty sure that its not normal.. i already restarted my laptop plenty of times.. and even tried reinstalling the client.. but everytime i logged out, click on the servers, try to log in in the server it freezes and alll the time disconnect.. is this just me or some players are struggling too ? please let me know what to do about this because cs is coming.. 333430827_5894789050602730_1621753614831520382_n.mp4
  8. IGN: i-W-A-P-iGUILD: ValhallaDate of lost: 3/2/2023 Time: 17:43
  9. Please see my ticket pease.. as soon as possible 

    1. HorusMG


      bro can we do the process today ?


  10. I made some upgrades today regarding my armor, so I decided to do it at noria, slowly I am placing my items and item recipes and timed it carefully for some thrill.. and saw it failed and burned even though i have all the things needed for the combination.. I would like the assistance of the admin to come and watch my case thank you.. P.s. Im sure I put the toca on.
  11. i-W-A-P-i / PRIME 1L - 2R - 3R - 4L - 5L - 6R - 7R - 8L - 9L - 10R
  12. if you cant fix it with "O" options, try pressing "SHIFT+0" 🙂
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